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Project Execution and Management

At the first stage of executing the project, we review and define the type and form of all construction documents to the agencies responsible for preparing these documents. We offer comprehensive comments and guidelines for drawing up constructions documents to these agencies.

We then shortlist quality-conscious construction agencies and finalize a procedure for choosing the appropriate construction agencies and implement the selection procedure.

Next, we finalize construction contracts between selected construction agencies and the client.

Additionally, we recommend sources and suppliers to meet the required quality specifications of material. Believing in delivering top-notch quality to clients, our team involves itself in selecting and inspecting materials to be purchased from the chose contractor/vendor. Moreover, where required, we also research the market to source and/or select alternative materials and organize materials testing.

We also review project schedules supplied by the interior architects and suggest improvements. We help prepare fresh schedules and inter-linkages from time to time taking all factors into consideration from the respective agencies. We then devise an overall execution schedule showing inter-linkage, priority and sequence of work .

At Zipper PMC we ensure that information is always updated, structured and transparent. A periodical review is done of project parameters, design and material, difficulties and deviations, project progress and resource planning with the client.

A daily and weekly execution programme is put together and targeted performance is ensured without any exception.

Zipper PMC ensures quality of execution and timely completion of all construction operations and has always met its commitments thus far.

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