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Construction Phase

1. Construction management services shall be provided as defined below from the start of construction up to commissioning and handing over of the project operation including providing administrative, management and related technical services as required.

2. Project Manager shall co-ordinate the work of all the contractors with each other and define responsibilities of the Architect/Design Consultants and the Owner's objective of cost, scheduling and quality criteria.

3. Schedule and conduct pre-construction, construction and weekly progress/site co-ordination meetings to discuss such matters as procedures, project performance, problems, cost, schedules in qualitative aspects and preparation of minutes of meetings, distribution to all concerned and follow-up leading to action.

4. Review the safety program developed by the Contractors and co-ordinate to ensure adherence to the same by the contractors.

5. Assist the owner in selecting and retaining the professional services of special consultants and testing laboratories etc. and co-ordinate their services.

6. Day to day supervision of construction activities by deputing the supervising personnel for execution to the best intent of drawings, specifications and contract documents.

7. Establishing acceptance norms for quality control of materials and workmanship and affecting proper control in monitoring the quality standards by supervising a materials testing laboratory at site established by the contractor and checking all the incoming materials before they can be used at site. This includes testing cement, bricks, stone, sand, concrete and other construction materials.

8. Identification of the critical activities of the various contract packages and monitoring the progress of the work on the basis of the established schedule, including updating and reissuing the project construction schedule as required to show current conditions and initiating all actions to correct delays if any order to complete the contract package with in the specified time frame.

9. Maintaining a record of duly Co-ordinated /corrected “Good for Construction” Drawings as received from the Architect and issuing the same to the contractors.

10. Manage the contractors to achieve satisfactory performance. Recommend course of actions when the contractual requirement are not being met and co-ordinate the work with the activities and responsibilities of the Owner, Architect/Design Consultants to complete the project in accordance with the Owners objectives of cost, time and quality.

11. Refine the approved estimate of construction costs and get the same revised incorporating approved change as they occur by the Architect/Design Consultants.

12. Preparation of project cash flow requirements, monitoring the project cost parameters and recommending steps for effecting proper cost control.

13. Provide regular monitoring of the approved estimate of construction costs, showing actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks. Identify variances between budget and actual. Recommend necessary corrective measures wherever required.

14. Develop the procedure for the review and processing of applications for payment by the contractors for progress and final payments, in consultation with the Owner.

15. Verification & certification of the bills of the contractors including the running and final bills based on the measurements of work at site as submitted by the contractors after the checking the same.

16. Evaluation of variation in items and advising the Owner thereon.

17. Keep a daily logbook, which records the site conditions and the progress of the work, the problems encountered and the solutions.

18. Maintain on site a record copy of all the documents, both design and construction, including all drawings.

19. Record the progress of the project including maintaining records for the work performed. Advising the owner about the project status and performance by letters, minutes of the meeting & Regular Written progress reports on labor deployment, Materials at site, Equipment, Current works on hand, Agencies on site, Critical items & Activities to happen during next week.

20. Prepare a defect list in consultation with the Owner, of the contractors work, or designated portion is complete and a schedule for the rectification of the defects and getting the defects rectified to Owners satisfaction as per the agreed schedule.

21. Final inspection, checking/supervision of testing, commissioning and handing over of various parts of works and of various systems along with all keys manual and record etc. These would be handed over to authorized representative of the Owner after joint approval by project management team & Owner.

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