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Zipper PMC Enterprises Ltd. Has been Project Management Consultants at Greater Noida (U.P.), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Gurgaon (Haryana) & Kolkata (West Bengal).

Our experience with Zipper PMC Enterprises Ltd. confirms the correctness of the choice we made. It is reliable, has qualified, competent professionals. They aer proficient in the use of modern technologies and techniques, have extensive know-how, and have worked with various projects. During the project, Zipper PMC Enterprises Ltd. and its team members demonstrated punctuality, timeliness and effectiveness in the performance of its contracted tasks.

We all become good colleagues during the projesct(s). This is a plus that no contract can demand but is highly valued.
-Institute for Integrated Learning in Managemant

Zipper PMC Enterprises Ltd. has been our Project Management Consultants for various projects, to name few, our corporate office at Noida (U.P.), Saila Quai Dheradun (Uttranchal), and Rishikesh (Uttranchal). Zipper's responsibility includes overall project management, including coordination with various agencies i.e. Architect, Services Consultants, Contractors and Equipments Manufacturers. They ensured that the overall day to day supervision and construction is taking place in accordance with the drawings and specifications as per latest IS Codes.

Zipper has displayed good leadership skill when involved in group projects. Zipper proved them self to be highly skilled and exceptional in project management Consultant. They consistently produced superior quality work, on time, and within the budget targets.
-India Glycols Limited

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